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How to create graphs

This article will cover how to create a graph, and how to edit it into an advanced graph

Creating a graph

In technical mode

Technical mode users can create a graph in the chat page

Ask the chatbot to get you the necessary data
Click the options button
Click the graph button

technical options button

Technical graph button

For Non-technical mode

Non-technical mode users can simply ask the chatbot to create a graph for them

Simply go in the chat, and ask the chatbot to create the graph you want

non-technical graph

Open graph editor from non-technical mode

To open the graph editor, simply click the options button on a graph, and click "open"

Open graph editor

Advanced graph features

Multi-bar & Multi-line charts

To create a Multi line or Multi bar chart, use the "Group by" variable. Each group will have a separate bar or line.
When making the chatbot request, just tell the chatbot which variable to group by. Ex. "get the number of users for each country, grouped by gender"

BlazeSQL multi-bar chart

Interactive filters/sliders

To make your graph more interactive with a slider that filters the data in the graph, select a variable for the "Interactive slider" setting in the graph editor

BlazeSQL Interactive graph

Advanced bar chart settings

To change the order of bars in a bar chart, or change the axes to make bars horizontal:
Scroll down in the right pane of the graph editor and click "More".
Scroll down and configure the advanced settings as required

Opening advanced Bar chart options in BlazeSQL

Viewing advanced bar chart options in BlazeSQL

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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