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Non-technical vs. technical mode

Technical mode

What is it?

When using the "technical mode" the chatbot will show the SQL code in its responses and will communicate more specifically about SQL code, and specific tables and columns. The chatbot may also ask the user how to join certain tables or filter on columns, since it assumes technical users know how to.

SQL Query in Technical AI Chatbot mode

SQL Query result in Technical AI Chatbot mode

Non-technical mode

What is it?

When using the "Non-technical mode" the AI will generate and run the SQL code in the background. The chatbot will usually not mention technical specifics about tables, columns, and SQL code, and will avoid asking the user for help with database specifics as it assumes non-technical users aren't familiar with the database.

BlazeSQL non-technical mode chat

Switching between technical and non-technical mode

When registering for BlazeSQL, users are asked if they are "Non-technical" or "Technical", which will configure the app accordingly.

The setting can be changed by switching the "Non-technical" setting in the "Chatbot settings" section of the settings page.

Non-technical mode switch

Simplified mode

What is it?

Simplified mode hides the side panel in the chat page containing the database information, and the list of tables and columns. This is only appropriate for users who only use a single database, as they won't be able to select a database themselves.

Simplified mode can be enabled by team admins by enabling "Simplified UI" when sending an invitation link from the teams page, or by clicking "Enable simplified mode" in the options menu of the respective team member in the teams page.

If you are a team admin with a connected database, you can also preview simplified mode by enabling the "No-code analytics chatbot" in the settings page, and then enabling "Simplified UI".

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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