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Ask chatbot to change saved queries and graphs

Asking your chatbot to modify existing insights

What is this feature?

If you previously saved a data insight (query/graph/dashboard), someone shared it with you, or it's in a dashboard, you may want to modify it. This feature allows you to do that easily by telling the chatbot what changes you want to make.

For example, Imagine you saved a graph of the daily number of sales in certain countries, and you then want to include a new country in the query. This feature allows you to simply open the saved graph, and ask the chatbot to include the additional country.

How to access this feature

For saved or shared insights

Insights that were shared with you or that you saved can be modified by opening them in the "Saved" page, and Clicking "options". You can then see the option "Tell chatbot to change this"

Saved insight options

"Tell chatbot to change this" option for a saved insight

For dashboard insights

Insights in dashboards can be modified by clicking the options icon in the top right corner of the item, and selecting the "Tell chatbot to change this" option.

"Tell chatbot to change this" option for dashboard insights

How to modify and save changes.

Asking the chatbot to make the change

Simply tell the chatbot what you want to change about the data, it will see your previous graph or table and will try to modify it as requested.

Asking the chatbot to modify insights

Saving changes

To overwrite the original saved insight, click the "Save changes" button below the new version. This will overwrite the item in the dashboard or the saved page.

To save it as a new item, click the options menu and then click "Save"

Save changes from the "Tell chatbot to change this" feature

Updated on: 18/02/2024

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