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How to get started as a team


Technical users

It's important that the person following this guide has the database access credentials, and enough understanding of SQL to test the chatbot and help it understand the database. Non-technical users should not attempt to use BlazeSQL until step 3 of this setup guide.

Database credentials

You must have the credentials of an SQL database that can accept connections from your device if you are using the desktop version. If you are using the web version of BlazeSQL and your database only allows specific IP addresses, you can whitelist the provided static IP.

Step 1: Connect the database

Create an account and connect your SQL database

Log into, create an account, and connect your SQL database.

Make sure your team will be able to connect

If you download the desktop version and your IP address is whitelisted on your database server, keep in mind that users you invite later will need to have their IP addresses whitelisted on your server. We recommend using the web version and whitelisting the provided static IP or allowing all IPs, so that no setup is required for your team.

Step 2: Test the Chatbot, and improve it if necessary

Send a few test questions in the chat, if you're happy with the results, skip to step 3.

See the dedicated article

If you are not satisfied with the chatbot responses, please see the dedicated guide to improve your Chatbot's knowledge about your company and your database.

Step 3: Invite your team

Inviting team members

You can invite and remove team members via the "Teams" page.

You can add or remove team members whenever you like, and your team subscription will automatically be updated monthly to reflect the number of users.

You can select the databases you would like to share with them, and whether they should use Simplified mode, which hides database details from their chat page.

Simply send them the link, and they will automatically be in your team and have access to the shared databases when they open the link and create an account.

Team invitation link

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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