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The problem:

It's important to keep track of your most important metrics and insights, so you know how things are changing every week. Unfortunately, people tend to forget to check or are too busy when things get chaotic, so it never really becomes a habit.

The solution:

With AI Generated E-mail reports, all you have to do is take a few seconds to read the quick summary sent to your e-mail inbox once a week. No need to think, or proactively do anything. The information comes to you automatically. The AI Data Analyst runs the query this week, compares it to last week's result, and summarizes the important changes in an email.


A database accessible from BlazeSQL Web

Since these reports need to get the latest query result every week, even if nobody from your team opens BlazeSQL that day, the BlazeSQL servers need to be able to run the queries to compare the latest result to the previous result for the reporting summary. Make sure the required database for the query you add to the report is accessible from your account at, rather than just the desktop version.

Blaze Advanced Subscription (limited trial access provided to other users)

This is an advanced feature, and requires an Advanced subscription for unlimited use. Other users have limited access to try this feature at no additional cost, and can receive up to 4 AI Generated E-mail reports before needing to upgrade.

Setting up your report

Add queries

Items can be added to your weekly reports from the chat, from the saved page, or from a dashboard. Simply click the options button on the top right of the item you want to add (and click 'Add to weekly report').

Add query to report from chat


You can change the E-mail address at which you want to receive your weekly report, and the day on which you want to receive your report, by clicking the settings button on the top right of the reporting page in the BlazeSQL App. This button will only appear once you have added items to the report.

Weekly reporting output

How your reports are generated

Every week on your selected reporting day, the queries you added to the report will be refreshed, and compared to the result from the previous week by BlazeSQL's Advanced AI Model (Claude 3 Opus). The changes will be summarized for each item you added to the reports, and a link will be included to allow you to open BlazeSQL and look at the item (the graph or query result) in more detail.

Weekly report queries

AI Generated E-mail Report Example

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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