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Database management: Refresh, Update, or Edit

Refreshing/Updating your database

What does updating do?

In BlazeSQL, Updating your database simply means BlazeSQL will check if any tables or columns have been added or removed from your database. This ensures that the chatbot does not see outdated metadata which could result in incorrect queries.

Any descriptions you provided will not be lost, as long as the names of the schemas, tables and columns that the descriptions are for have not changed.

How to refresh/update your database

To update your database in BlazeSQL, simply click the Options button above your database in the chat page, then click the "Update" button.

BlazeSQL update database

Editing your database

Changing the table selection

If you were asked to select a subset of tables when you connected your database (this happens when you have more than 20 tables), you can edit this selection by updating your database. When you update your database, you will once again be asked to select the tables you want to keep.

Editing descriptions and example queries

To edit descriptions and example queries, please see the dedicated article

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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